Where To Go For Blog Writing Help

In this short article I will provide help on where to go for blog writing help.

These are sources I have used to learn how to be a better blog writer.

In the past I have always said write like you talk. What I meant by that was do not try and impress people with fancy words and writing in a style that is not you.

You can always tell when a writer is using words they think will impress their readers, but it is not how they talk. If you do not use the word in daily conversation don't use it in your blog post.

So, where can you go for blog writing help?

1. AWAI. American Writers & Artists Inc. They provide expert training on all kinds of different writing including blog writing.

2. Udemy Blog Writing Course. Learn to be a professional blog writer, no degree required.

3. Angela Booth. Anything you can pick up from her is going to be good.

4. The Blog Starter. Step by step guide on how to start a blog.

5. Maggie Linders. How to start your own $5K per month freelance writing business in 60 days or less.

6. Pro Blogger.  Almost 8K pages of blog writing advice. 300,000 bloggers hang out there.

7. Blogging From Paradise. I have always loved Ryan Biddulph's blog and training.

8. 30 Day Challenge.  How to make money blogging. Learn something new everyday with small blog writing tasks. It's free!

Ok enough already. You can do a quick Google search for "where to go for blog writing help" and come up with 178 Million pages according to Google.

Google says these are the top searches related to where to go for blog writing help.....

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You can always start a blog for free at Blogger.com if you are not sure how to get started.

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