Learn How To Create Passive Income Here

Passive income is income that comes in over and over after you have done the work.

Really passive income is hard to achieve online, but you can get close.

Network marketers promote it although they usually refer to it as residual income.

In the affiliate marketing business model you can create passive income in numerous ways such as ....

1. Google AdSense on a niche blog. That's what our Internet marketing tips blog is. We focus on a specific targeted niche with Google Ads on it.

AdSense is Google's free pay per click affiliate program. They sell the ads and match them to the content on your blog using an algorithm that reads what you are talking about and finds an advertiser your reader might be interested in.

How is it passive?

Once you have content on your blog it stays there for a long time in the future. As you promote your blog and specific blog posts your url is there for people to click on bringing them to your content.

If someone clicks on an ad Google pays you 68% of what they bill the advertiser. You do not have to sell anything and all you do is promote your blog at least once and wait for people to find it.

I am simplifying this only in terms of the promotion part. In terms of making money pay per click income is as easy as it gets.

Learn more about Google AdSense: https://google.com/adsense

2. Membership affiliate programs. Promote a program that has a paid membership and earn money every month the membership is in effect.

These are great for programs you are in already. This way you can start a blog and add content about the membership as it grows.

Use your content to become known as an expert in the niche your blog is about. Link back to the membership sign up page via text link and banners ads to make sales.

3. Buy a mobile home park. Passive income does not have to come from the Internet.

Buying a mobile home park is not necessarily for everyone, but the passive income from a mobile home park can not be beat. I've come to love Mobile Home University and all of the great information and training they provide on making money owning a mobile home park.

When I watched "The Founder" staring Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's one thing stuck with me from the movie.

Ray was convinced to own the land and lease it to the McDonalds franchise owners. He could make more money that way then on a small percentage of each hamburger sold.

If you own the land a mobile home sits own you collect rent over and over every month. You can not get more passive then that if you do it right which Mobile Home University teaches you how to do.

In Summary: Learn How To Create Passive Income Here

These are 3 ideas anyone can use to create passive income for themselves. I suggest you read Passway To Passive by the good folks at Affilorama.

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