Social Media Marketing For Newbies

Using social media marketing as an Internet marketing tool is a must for both experienced marketers and those that are new to the game.

Social media marketing is where you use social sites to build your brand and create an awareness about your self and your business.

It is not hard to do, but at times it can be tedious, especially when you are starting out and do not have a large number of friends and followers.

Which Social Media Sites Should You Join?

There are literally hundreds of social platforms on the Internet today. You do not need a presence in that many to be effective. Personally I like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

I know Instagram is growing rapidly. It is worth paying attention to and possible joining if you have the time or interest.

Set Up Your Profile Correctly

When you join a social site you should think about it from a optimizing standpoint. Your profile can rank on a search engine as well as be one of the most visited pages.

The basics should include writing a good description of what you do. Add a quality photo of yourself and business.

Include a link to your website or blog. Invite people to visit it and follow you on all of your social sites.

Be Active

Add social buttons to make it easy to like a post or page. Ask people to follow you.

Participate in the discussions. Add value where you can.

Separate business from personal. Add helpful tips where you can about your business and products.

Have fun. Social media marketing should not seem like work. If it does outsource the work to someone on and focus on things you like to do.

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