Internet Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

I understand that millions of people are trying to do Internet marketing on a shoestring budget.


Because many people need to make money not spend it.

If you are in this position relax, because here on our Internet marketing tips for newbies blog we know it is possible to make money even if you are broke.


1. Start a blog. I am doing it with Google's platform and so can you.

2. Provide useful content. You do not have to be a Pulitzer Prize writer to have a quality blog.

Write about what people are interested in. Write like you talk and you can blog just like me.

3. Use social media. Chances are you are already doing this so just add a business element to it.

4. Build your own list. Google will help you do this. If you want you can also use Aweber as an autoresponder.

5. Add an affiliate product. You may want to start with Google Adsense.

Get busy and blog and drive traffic to your blog. Spend some of your time learning more skills on how to do Internet marketing for profit.