How Long Does It Take To Learn Digital Marketing?

Our blog provides tips for newbies on how to do Internet marketing.

This could also be referred to as digital marketing.

I subscribe to Google Alerts for the keywords "Internet Marketing".

This gives me updates from Google on articles, videos, podcasts, etc as they happen.

One that came today was titled "How to learn digital marketing in 14 days" and that caught my eye because I do not believe a newbie can learn all of this in 2 weeks.

For example Day One is about researching your customers. This is also called niche research, or market research. It is important to understand who your customers will be in the market you choose, so I agree with this.

Day Two is the basics of html and Wordpress. Getting some basic understanding of how html works is a good idea in my view. So is learning how to use Wordpress if you are going to set up a website or blog using the Wordpress platform.

I am not going to go through all 14 days. You can go read it yourself here.

I must admit I really like this article because it takes you through the steps day by day to learning what you will need. I will caution you that this is really the beginning.

Learning digital marketing is a never ending process because things change all of the time. Google makes over 500 changes a day to their algorithm so learning SEO in 2 days is impossible, but you will get your feet wet on Days 3-4.