MLM Lead Generation: Free MLM Leads For Life

I think if you were to survey most network marketers as to what their number one problem is most of them would tell you it's getting leads for their MLM business opportunity.

MLM lead generation is something most network marketing groups talk about, and many provide their distributors with a system to use, but the results still end up being pretty pathetic.

When I say pretty pathetic I am talking about a staggering statistic in the network marketing industry that says the average network marketer will sponsor less than two people into their group from the time they join until they quit.

Once you understand that it's pretty easy to see why most people never really make much money in network marketing. Unless you spend the majority of your time on direct sales you are not going to make any money sponsoring less than two people on your front line.

What if I told you there was an MLM lead generation system that actually works if you work it and you can get free MLM leads for life once you get set up. By getting set up I am not talking about doing all the normal things that most MLM businesses require their distributors to do.

What type of things do you normally have to do?

1. Set up a blog.
2. Set up a landing page.
3. Set up an autoresponder.
4. Drive traffic to your landing page via social media and other marketing.
5. Publish blog content on a consistent basis and promote it on social media.

I know from writing blog articles that many MLM distributors don't want to do this. I'm obviously a big proponent of blogging because I think it's helpful in establishing credibility for your MLM business.

However, I also understand that many network marketers do not know how to blog, do not have time to blog, or just really aren't that interested in blogging to generate the network marketing leads the must have to succeed!

So, what is the best network marketing lead and how do you set up an MLM lead generation system to attract those?

Most people will tell you that the best MLM lead is one that is currently looking for a network marketing opportunity to join right now. I would say there is nothing wrong with that, but there might even be a lead that's a little bit better.

How about capitalizing on all of the movement that goes on in the network marketing world?

There is really a niche within a niche here you could use to your advantage to solve a problem by providing a solution.

MLM Migration

MLM migration is a phrase I had not heard, but I immediately understood once I saw it. It's amazing how many people are constantly jumping from one company to the next.

Maybe use yourself as an example. Have you been in more than one network marketing opportunity?

<strong>Would you look at a new opportunity right now?</strong>

I have read that on average people jump from one MLM business opportunity to another every 60-90 days. Chuck Holmes says that he knows people who have been in network marketing for 20 years and in that time they have been in 50-100 MLM companies.

He classified himself as an MLM junkie that jumped from one MLM company to another every 6 months. To me that is just plain crazy.

Think about it from a business perspective. How many people do you know who start a new offline business every 6 months?

If you were talking about a brick and mortar store you could never do this because you could not afford it.

Why is there so much MLM migration going on then?

Why are these MLM distributors in one day and out the next, only to repeat the process over and over.

Cost! It just does not cost that much to start an MLM business. If it did people would either not jump around when they joined or they would igve 100% to the opportunity they were in.

Plain and simple this affects the success rate, but it also presents an opportunity to you. What is that?

Try and get them into your business?


Here is something else to think about.....

The Best MLM Leads Are?

People who are currently in network marketing are the best leads because you don't have to sell them on the MLM business model. They already have experience in network marketing, but may not be happy with their current their business, or are looking to get into multiple MLM business opportunities.

This is where having an MLM lead generation system can be used to your advantage.What if you had people you could contact right away and follow a simple script to qualify them as to whether they're in the market for a business opportunity right now or not?

Of course to do that you would need the name, email address, and phone number of somebody to contact. It's also helpful to have an actual system for contacting and following up with those people that doesn't require any setup on your part.

Here's one other thing that I think is important.

If you were to contact somebody who says they're happy with their current MLM wouldn't it be nice to be able to ask them if they would be interested in looking at an MLM lead generation system to grow their existing business?

Also, do you think you could pique their curiosity to look at your system just by asking if they would be interested in seeing how you got their contact information and the MLM business they were in right now?

One last question I want to ask you. Would you be interested in a network marketing lead generation system that would replenish itself every month and it didn't cost you any money to do so?

That right, free MLM leads for life

I have to admit I was pretty impressed with this system after I saw it. Below is a link to my capture page.

Once you've entered your information you will be taken to a short video you can watch and you'll automatically be into the system so you can see in action. I think you will be impressed at what you see.

Feel free to contact me with any questions! Click Here To See An Incredible MLM Lead Generation System.