Is Multi Level Marketing Illegal?

No multi level marketing is not illegal!

Since I am a blogger I am not going to write a 7 word article.

Let me elaborate.....

Multi level marketing, aka MLM, aka network marketing, is not illegal if products are sold. 

MLM is also not illegal if you do not get paid to recruit new distributors.

How do you grow your business then?

Retail Selling

You sell products at both the wholesale and retail level.

Retail customers buy products from you and you make money on the difference between the wholesale price you buy at as a distributor and the retail price you sell at to the customer.

The multi level company can not tell what to sell your products at. They can have a suggested retail price, but you are a business person and decide if that price is competitive in your market.

Recruiting New MLM Members

When you recruit a new distributor you must provide a product in the start up costs.

You also need to provide marketing materials such as a website, banner ads, text link ads, and so on.

Think of joining a multi level marketing company as though you were starting a franchise.

What are you getting from the MLM company in return for the money you are investing in getting started?

Generally you get everything you need to get your business off the ground!

That's IT!

Multi level marketing is not illegal if you sell products. Get retail customers and earn money selling. Sponsor new members into your business and earn commissions on the sales of products in your downline.

There is nothing complicated or illegal here!

Don't join any multi level marketing company if you are not going to sell and sponsor. It is a waste of your time and money and you will end up blaming network marketing for your lack of success.

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