Is Forum Marketing Addictive?

Maybe a better way to ask this would be is hanging out in your favorite forum addictive?

My favorite forum is the Warrior Forum. It certainly can be addictive going there and hanging out all the time.

The same thing is true with social networks. Hanging out on Facebook all day might be your idea of fun. However, you are not marketing when you socialize.

So, what if you are addicted to forum marketing. Relax, there are worse things in life, but let me offer a few tips to help you deal with your addiction!

1. Market first. Socialize second. Forum marketing is done primarily in two ways.

First of all you set up your profile and you are allowed to describe what you do and include a link back to your blog. Some of the people who visit your profile will end up on your blog out of curiosity.

Secondly, participate in discussions with the idea of being helpful. This is actually how you are marketing.

You’re not allowed to include any links in the discussions themselves. That is done in your signature file.

Go to the Warrior Forum. Look at some of the discussions and look at the signature files of people participating. The people who do the best at forum marketing participate in the discussions by providing useful information and not meaningless posts.

This helps enhance your reputation and drive traffic from your signature file to your blog. Think of your signature file as a classified ad.

2. Set a post goal. Once you have your signature file set up you should set a posting goal which helps get your name and message out their.

At the warrior forum they update the number of post you made every time you make a post. Set a goal of making five posts a day until you feel you are an established member in the forum.

This post count, if you will, is part of establishing yourself as an expert. When you set a daily, or weekly post goal, it will help you stay on track and keep you focused on marketing and not goofing off.

3. Choose one or two busy forums. There are so many different ways to do social media marketing today that becomes overwhelming.

The same thing is true with forum marketing. You are better to choose one or two active forums and get in there and participate on a regular basis.

4. Education. One final thing I’ll say on discussion forums is you can learn a lot, so you do not always have to be marketing.

Sometimes you may just want to come to the forum and see what people are talking about. I know in my case I use the most popular discussions for blog article ideas.

When I’m writing for home business and MLM blogs this education is an important part of staying current on what’s going on in the marketplace. This is just one other way to maximize the results you get from the discussion forum.

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