10 Reasons To Write Listicles

If you are a writer you can look at the word listicle and know what it means without looking it up.

What about those of us who blog?

Wikipedia defines a listicle as "a short-form of writing that uses a list as its thematic structure, but is fleshed out with sufficient copy to be published as an article".


An article about something using a list as the basis for writing the article.

So, why do that?

Here are my 10 reasons to write listicles.

1. They are easy to scan. People scan articles on the Internet more then they read them.

2. They are shared on social media more often. It is natural to hit the share button to Faceook, Twitter and so on. Why? You just scanned the article and feel it is worth sharing.

3. Shared articles create backlinks. This is still one of the main sources of online traffic.

4. You build authority. Backlinks give your blog authority. Over time an authority blog starts to rank on Google giving you organic traffic.

5. Big traffic. Organic traffic is HUGE once it kicks in. Google will start to rank you for all kinds of keywords you never even considered.

6. Easy to write. Once you get your list ready that article almost writes itself!

7. Top 10 list. People read them. Readers are used to reading a top 10 list. I guess you can thank David Letterman for that.

8. Chunk information. People chunk information better in numbers ending in zero. Hence, this article on top 10 reasons to write listicles.

9. Increase revenue. Advertisers like to promote on blogs that get traffic. Write more list articles to increase your income.

10. Science says too! Read...The Science Behind the Popularity of Listicles.

So let me summarize.

From a readers point of view you should write listicles because your readers like them.

From a writers point of view you should write listicles because they are easy to write.

From your blogs point of view you should write listicles because over time your traffic will go up!

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