Why Is Google So Generous With Their Products?

Have you wondered why Google is such a generous company?

Why do they give away so many freebies?

What kind of freebies?

Chances are you are using at least one of them right now!

- Google search tool bar
- chrome
- gmail
- Google plus social network
- analytics
- You Tube videos. Yes Google owns You Tube.
- url shortener
- Free blogs with Blogger
- hangouts
- and many more.......

Here are all of Google Products.

They spend billions on their free products. Do you know why?

To understand why you need to know how Google makes money.

They make the majority of their money selling advertising in 2 programs.

1. Google Adwords is their primary product. The ads you see at the top of a page and down the right hand side are Google advertisers. When you click on an ad Google bills the advertiser.

Google Adwords is free to set up and you only get billed when someone clicks on your ads. This is different then organic search results.

2. Google Adsense is an affiliate program. As an affiliate you promote Google Ads and Google sells them and uses code you place on your site to bring up advertising results relating to the theme of your web page.

They pay out over $1 Billion in commissions to their affiliates each year. Google Adsense works on You Tube as well because Google owns You Tube.

To make more money Google needs to sell more ads or increase the ad rates to their current advertiser. This is no different than the old advertising model used by t.v., radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, and so on.

To earn more the business selling the advertising needs more eyeballs or ears on the products. Simple yet effective.

This the genius of Google and an example to you and I if we want to make money online selling advertising. Increase traffic to your website, blog, or email list and monetize it selling ads.

Keep it simple and join Google Adsense and let Google take over from there. You focus on quality content on your website or blog and then promote you pages all over the Internet to get more people coming to read it.

Then sit back and play the numbers. A certain percentage of your visitors will click on a Google ad and you earn 68% of the revenue generated from that click.

That is why Google is so generous with freebies and how you can monetize your own site the same way. You have to love Google don't you! :-)

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