Niche Hacks Review: It Gets 5 Stars

What are Niche Hacks?

They are shortcuts to dominating your niches of choice and they have done a lot of the upfront work.

It is a website that is full of hot niche ideas!

How do I know?

I have been to many times in the past. Plus when you click on their about me page they say it is a "home of hot niche ideas, done for you niche research, and niche domination shortcut" :-)

Let me just say in my opinion this is one GREAT website and blog!

I'm pretty sure I've been to this site in the past, but like a lot of things when you're surfing around you tend to lose track of where you have been unless you subscribe to an email list, group, or just bookmark the site for future reference.

What I was looking for specifically this weekend were some niche website ideas.

Weird Niche Ideas

I wanted to come up with something different and for some reason I Google searched the words "weird niche ideas" and their site came up number one on Google. Not only did they come up number one, but they have a very creative title which immediately caught my eye: 81 Weird Niches - Numbers 24 & 50 Are 'WTF?!?

So of course I clicked on it and started checking out the niches. Naturally I went right down to niche number 24 and number 50 to see what those were.

I admit a niche on "sex furniture" and "big butt" are not niches that I would've ever thought of and to be truthful with you I am not going to do anything with now.

Butt.....:-) They do fall under the theme of weird niches.

Why was I searching for weird niches?

I want to build an authority blog, but I want to do it in a niche that has decent traffic, solves a problem somebody is searching for solutions to, and one that doesn't have millions and millions of competitors online already.

Here's what really impressed me about

These guys provide a tremendous amount of information for free.

This is easily an authority blog on everything you would want to know about building a niche website. Stuart Walker and his team gets a 5 Star rating from me.

Their website is laid out to where you can find anything you want very quickly.

Just check out the tabs going across the top and you can get into all kinds of categories from the beginning all the way to the end depending on what your experience level is right now. I happen to know that even experienced people struggle with finding and deciding on niches to build new websites on.

Authority Blog

I have really fallen in love with the idea building an authority blog!

I want to start something that I can work on for the rest of my life without doing any more niche research and blog building. That means I want an authority blog that is Evergreen in nature, I can grow, and one I can work on to make more money going into my retirement years.

They have some really cool success stories I have found a be very inspirational. I think we all like to read about people that are doing something we want to be doing ourselves. That is what you find in this section.

How do they make money?

Of course they sell tools and resources as an affiliate that you would need including domain names, website hosting, autoresponders, marketing tools, and so on. They also sell their own products.

If you want to keep 100% of everything you sell create your own products like they do. These guys have a tremendous amount of testimonials and have been featured in impressive places such as Time and The Huffington Post  and by gurus such as Brian Dean, Neil Patel.

They also build their email list just like we are taught to do and you can subscribe to it for new content ideas and email exclusives that they're not going to be putting on their website.

Free eBook

You can also get a free ebook DISCOVER 1781 PROFITABLE NICHE MARKETS if you provide your email address.

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