Is The MLM Time Objection Really Valid?

Like any objection the MLM time objection is valid until you deal with it. This is true with most objections you run into when prospecting for your MLM business.

An easy way to approach this objection is the feel, felt, found rebuttal. This is a good one to get comfortable with because you can use it to reply to any objection you get from a prospect.


Prospect: I just don't have any free time right now!

You: I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I got started in my network marketing business. What I found is the Internet takes away the time excuse. Anyone can use the Internet to build an MLM business in a very hands off way.

Prospect: How is that possible?

You: I'm glad you asked! :-)

MLM Lead Generation System

The key to building an MLM business online is to use a system for prospecting, sorting, and explaining. Master this and you will find yourself only personally talking to qualified prospects for you business.

The Internet makes that possible.

So does this cool MLM recruiting system! I now use to build my Top Tier Business SFI Business.

Watch this short video here to learn more about how you can eliminate the MLM time objection from your business and recruit more people on demand!