Hire Writers Pay Every Friday

HireWriters.com is a writing website where you can go and write content for pay.

It is free and easy to join!

They have been around for over 4 years now and they pay like clockwork.

You do not need to be a professional writer, or have a degree of any kind to get started.

You're not going to make a lot of money on one article, but you can earn more than minimum wage per hour if you need to make some extra money.

Plus you can do it from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have Internet access.

It is like having a real part time job that you completely control when you work and how much your check is each week.

Let me give you a few tips.

- You need to have earned at least $10 to get paid.

-  You can set your payment limit all the way up to $200 if you want to only be paid when you have made more money.

- You get paid every Friday via Paypal so you need to set that up.

- Add your PayPal email to your account.

- Some clients will leave you a tip which increases your earnings.

- Click on the Find Writing Jobs to choose what you want to write about. Yes you get to choose.

- You can filter the results by word count, skill level, category and language.

As an example, I might look for articles on travel that are 300 words long in English. This is great because you get to write about things you are interested in. You will have from 6 hours on up to complete each article depending on what the client is looking for.

It is common to have 12 hours to complete one article, but you will not need anywhere near that amount of time for most articles.

If you can talk you can write. The hardest part is the research, so get good at that and you will be off an running.

I like to use the Dragon Dictation app to dictate into. I get 100-150 words dictated at a time and I email them to myself.

I then copy and paste them into Wordcounter.net. This lets me edit the article completely when I am done.

Once you have the article edited you will copy and paste it into the body and hit publish. You are done.

When the client approves your article your earnings for that article are added to your account. You can always see your current balance at the upper left corner of each page.

If you need to make some extra money each week, and do not want to go find a part time job, this may be a solution for you.

Give HireWriters.com a try! It's free to get started and you are never charged anything!