High Paying Affiliate Niches

High paying affiliate niches give you the chance to capitalize on higher commissions by selling products in niches where the average sale is higher.

I came across a cool report that gives you 101 of the highest paying affiliate niches as well as the link to the affiliate programs to join them.

Before I give you that let me explain a couple of important points!

It Is NOT Harder

1. These products are not harder to sell. Many people think that products that cost more are harder to sell.

Not True!

You just need to fish in a different pond.

What I mean by that is you have to put your products in front of the right people.

For example, there is no since trying to sell a charter jet flight to an audience of people who can barely afford a $20 eBook.

It Does Take Skills

2. It still takes marketing skills. To make a $1000 commission selling an affiliate product doesn't happen by throwing up a couple of links online and waiting for the BIG checks to come in.

This is why I always stress the importance of learning traffic generation skills. You don't need to know all of them, but you should at least have a couple of go to Internet marketing strategies you know inside out.

These are what you will use over and over to drive traffic to any affiliate offer you promote.

- Pay Per Click advertising would be an example of this.

- Developing an authority blog is traffic generation strategy to promote a high paying affiliate niche. This is actually a great way to target a micro niche that does not have thousands of affiliates competing against you.

So instead of listing several high paying affiliate niches let me give you the link to an excellent report compiled by NicheHacks.com.

This requires an opt in and you will be given a couple of offers to purchase, but are not required to download the FREE Report here:  101 Expensive Affiliate Niches