Easy Way To To Video Marketing

Would you do video marketing if it was easy? Easy as it does not take any technical ability or equipment to get started!

There are always different ways to get things done. As it pertains to video marketing you can make it easy or you can make it hard.

I like easy!

So what is video marketing?

Video marketing is using videos to promote your product or service. Branding is a good example of video marketing. You might not even be selling anything in your video except selling yourself.

What is an easy way to do video marketing?

Join Animoto here!

This is a paid membership site. For personal use only it is going to run you $8 a month. You can buy a larger plan depending on your needs and what you will use it for.

Creating videos is easy here and you do not need any technical ability. You do not need a video recorder or any music.

The videos you create will be slide series videos where you add text, pictures, and music just by clicking buttons. I know you can do that!

Why use video marketing?

Google owns YouTube so there’s certainly some search engine optimization benefit of having your own YouTube videos. You can add videos you create to your own blog which I do all the time.

At the bottom of this post you can see a video I created with Animoto that is relevant to this blog post!

Google likes to rank videos in their organic search results. Depending on the niche your business is in you could see a YouTube video show up on page 1 of Google.

Another reason to do video marketing is because people use YouTube as a search engine. People like to learn by watching as opposed to reading.

Having a video that describes a product or service you sell a smart. Creating a video that describes your brand is an excellent way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

With Animoto you can directly upload your video to YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube channel you will want to set one up.

As with many things about Internet marketing and blogging Neil Patel has already done a great job of explaining  how to set up a You Tube Channel here.

If you do nothing else with videos than use them to enhance your blog you’ve accomplished a lot. If your goal is to build a high quality blog for the long term you definitely need some videos on it and

Animoto is the easy way to do video marketing!

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