Bloggers Need More Promotion And Less Emotion

I find it hard to believe that most bloggers spend their time writing and not marketing. Many work so hard it burns them out in a short amount of time and they become the newest blog casualty.

Another dead blogger!

Ouch for them and maybe even ouch for the rest of us as well if they had something interesting to offer. Somewhere along the line we got the idea that you needed to be really emotional if you were going to build up a large fan base.

To get more readers you needed to write articles that were so different and creative your readers would share them and you would soon have a very large group of people breathlessly waiting for your next post.

That happens to a very small amount of bloggers. Chances are you and I are not going to be in that group!

So what!

Do you want the best blogging tip you are ever going to read?

Promote don't emote.

Spend more time marketing your blog and less time trying to write the really clever article that is so full of emotion it sounds......

Not You!

Here is the simple formula for having a successful blog.

1. Choose a niche where you can help solve a problem.
2. Write useful articles that solve the problem.
3. Promote your blog all over the Internet.

Willie Crawford used to describe a backlink as a roadblock. He wanted so many links back to his blog all over the place that people couldn't help, but run into them.

I still say you are better off to write one really helpful blog post of 1000-2000 words. Take a day or two and put some effort into it.

Then spend the rest of the week, or longer if necessary, promoting your post to the group of people who want to hear what you are saying.

The post needs to be helpful to your niche. Target the right people when you are promoting and you are going to get more of the right kind of blog traffic.

And guess what....

You do not need to be the best blogger in your niche. You just need to be a helpful blogger and one of the best marketers of your blog!

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